Things to Consider Before Renting a Car

One Click Drive There are many things to consider before you book your next rental car. You should decide on the type of car you want, as well as the length of your trip and your driver’s age. You should also check with the rental company about any additional fees and requirements.

What is the future of car rentals?

Buying Insurance: It can be expensive to buy rental insurance, but it can protect you in the event of an accident. It’s often available through your own car or home insurance policy. It’s also possible to get free rental protection when you use your credit card, but it’s important to find out about coverage before you go ahead and pay for the insurance.

Collision Damage Waivers: Almost all major car rental companies offer a collision damage waiver, which can cover the cost of repairs or replacement if the car is damaged while you’re driving it. But a waiver won’t pay for personal injuries or damage to your own property.

Add-ons: Some extra options like GPS, ski or bike racks or booster seats can increase your rental costs. You should only opt for these add-ons if they are essential for your travel needs and not just an annoyance.

Early Returns: Some rental companies will charge you a fee if you return your car more than 24 hours after your reservation ends. You should call a rental agent to ask about these charges before you book a rental.

Late Returns: If you’re a few minutes late for your rental, many companies won’t charge you an extra day’s rent. However, you may have to pay a full day’s fee if you purchase optional items, like liability insurance.