The Ultimate Wedding Budget Checklist

Without a doubt, one of the trickiest (and probably most tedious) parts of wedding preparation is setting your budget! Wedding event budgets are frustrating, but required, wicked. There’s no magic formula that works for every wedding event because no two are exactly alike. 

That’s why for our Ultimate Wedding Event Spending Plan Calculator and Guide, we’ve based everything off of the typical portion allotments spread out throughout the most popular wedding expenses.

Let us start by getting some fundamental info that will assist you even more down.

Think About The Sort Of Wedding You Want To Have

This might be the one part of wedding event planning that you have actually already knocked out of the park. But if not, it’s time to get to dreaming. Do you and your partner want a picnic in the park, an intimate metropolitan party, or a huge function with all your loved ones? There are so many various types of wedding events out there, and so much motivation, that it can get frustrating quickly. 

You should not spend excessive time on specifics initially, but you should identify the general feel you desire for your wedding event. Think about the appearance, the design, individuals, and the feelings– all the pieces that will make your wedding unique to you two. I frequently tell couples to think about wedding events they have actually been to or seen and find out the words to explain them. They don’t always because while fun and fancy can exist together. You might desire your wedding to be low secret and unwinded like your cousin’s last year– however, a little more formal, while still avoiding a stuffy sensation. 

You can even begin to get more particular, think: Low-key ceremony, with an unwinded upbeat dance celebration, and a family-style supper that feels casual however looks type of fancy-ish.

Categorize Your Wedding Spending Plan By Portion

Now that you know what you’re working with, it’s time to take a macro look at how that equates to each part of your wedding event. Numerous wedding event planners and brides discover it helpful to produce a wedding spending plan breakdown by percentage.


Working with an appropriately-priced wedding event photographer can be intimidating. Needless to say, it is among the most significant decisions to make– given that your images will permanently capture the special day!

The old stating “you get what you pay for” is twice as real for photography and videography. Book early, invest as much as you can for fantastic quality and get as lots of shots in as possible. 

Clothes, Hair And Makeup

Be sure to earmark a minimum of 9% of your budget for your clothes. Naturally, this portion ought to likewise include the cost of the dress and tuxedo leasing, together with shoes and any devices, such as jewellery or cufflinks. You will want to swell in the expense of your hair and makeup, too.


Whether you’re looking into hiring a live band or DJ, the rate of working with these specialists can differ. Do your research beforehand to understand precisely how much cash to put aside for this portion of the wedding. When crunching numbers, we suggest putting 7% of your budget towards the music.

Think About Preloved Wedding Dress

For much of us, purchasing a brand-new bridal gown is only a pipedream. A bridal gown is expensive and if it’s something you’re only going to use once, it’s easy enough to see why lots of modern-day brides are considering different alternatives.

This is certainly not the case with wedding gowns. Many brides-to-be select to resell their wedding event gowns these days as it’s simply not practical to store them long term.

We talked about saving money on your wedding dress, but with those savings, you can spend those pounds in other places. If you and your partner both devote to purchasing preloved wedding gear, then you might utilize those savings to put into your honeymoon fund.

This is an advantage to keep in mind for couples who are looking to prioritise their honeymoon over having the perfect wedding clothes. And you might be amazed at the remarkable preloved options you can find. Buy a preloved wedding dress and have it dry cleaned! Want to know the factors that will influence your wedding dress dry cleaning cost? Click