Satta King

Satta King is a simple game in which players have little control over the outcome. They simply choose a number from zero to ninety nine. The game’s Khaiwal collects money from players in the vicinity and delivers it to the game operators. The khaiwal also provides relevant information to gamblers. He updates the players on important game updates and informs them of good luck. The numbers are released at set intervals. More info –

 How to Play the Game

Before India became independent, people in rural areas of the subcontinent played this game. It started in India and involved betting on the gap and shutting rates of cotton. Since cotton value did not change day after day, staking on the gap and shutting rate was a way for individuals to try their luck and win money. People in Bharat would receive the Satta numbers on teleprinters. However, in 1961, the New York Cotton Exchange prohibited the game. Khatri, an Indian entrepreneur, was successful in reintroducing the Satta king game with a unique plan to declare upcoming cotton rates.

The game is easy to understand and requires no technical knowledge. There are a few rules to follow but the chances of winning are very slim. The rules are simple and depend largely on luck. Luckily, Satta King is legal in India. And you don’t need to travel to a casino to play. It is also possible to play the game online through various websites. And if you prefer to play the game offline, you can still find khaiwals in India.