Pure Resveratrol Supplements

Resveratrol is a powerful polyphenol and antioxidant that scavenges free radicals, which are a major cause of aging, cell damage, heart disease, cancer, and more. It’s a common ingredient in many natural products like red wine and berries. When consumed as a supplement, this polyphenol has shown great promise in lowering the risk of chronic illnesses and easing inflammation.

What is the best source of resveratrol?

Fortunately, many of the best pure resveratrol supplements offer a potent concentration without any of the unwanted side effects that can come from consuming too much of this plant compound. In addition to a high concentration of this beneficial ingredient, these products also boast a mix of ingredients that boost their overall benefits.

For example, the Pure Encapsulations resveratrol features micronized trans resveratrol with a third-party certificate of analysis to confirm its 98% purity. They also added Bioperine, a natural substance that enhances absorption, to their formula. They also made sure their resveratrol was emodin-free, as this chemical found in Japanese knotweed can cause gastrointestinal side effects for sensitive individuals.

Another good option is the Vivo Tonic. It’s different from the other supplements on this list because it doesn’t primarily focus on resveratrol’s benefits, although that’s still a key ingredient in this formulation. Instead, this product’s main goal is to balance blood sugar levels and increase insulin sensitivity, so it also includes a variety of known blood sugar support ingredients like berberine and alpha lipoic acid.

With such a wide range of concentrations, it’s important for consumers to read labels carefully. They should also remember that rigorous safety tests aren’t conducted in dietary supplements the way they are with pharmaceutical drugs, so there is a possibility that these products could interact with certain medications. Lastly, it’s always smart to check with a doctor before starting any new supplement.