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cheap accommodation narrandera nsw

One of the main attractions for tourists when visiting Narrandera is the Glass House Mountains National Park. Although the park is spread out over a large area, most visitors come to see the Glass House Mountains. These mountains are covered completely with plastic film and so it is difficult to view much of the interior, except for the occasional glimpse of small New Zealand wildlife. At the Narrandera International Garden Centre you can enjoy a free tour of the premises, which features a plastic film factory, a greenhouse megastore and a small art gallery. At this point in the tourist calendar, cheap accommodation Narrandera nsw is hard to find as many tourists tend to focus on visiting the Glass House Mountains.

Narrandera – Tourism In The Bay Of Plenty

If you’re fond of visiting historical places with equally rich cultural history, you shouldn’t miss out on Narrandera in your next holiday get away. This lovely town situated at the corner of New South Wales’ Blue Mountains is a very popular tourist destination and is well-known for its spectacular scenery. The area is also known for its wines, produce and local businesses.

To make up for the lack of tourist interest in the area around the Glass House Mountains, there are several other attractions, including the Mooloolaba Wetland Centre and the Indigenous People’s Heritage Trust, which help to preserve the local culture. To supplement your holiday, the centre offers trips and excursions that you can take, including hikes up Mt Ngongotaha, a walk through the Tamar Valley and the chance to try your hand at a variety of activities and sports. Another good option to fill up the gaps on your cheap accommodation is to take a drive up to the Blue Mountains and stay in one of the many Motels in Narrandera. Most motels have a range of different options, including caravan and campervan hire, self-catering in one of the small studios with attached bathrooms and luxurious amenities. Afternoon tea and coffee are a must; you will find a variety of different settings with traditional cafe houses, gourmet restaurants, family restaurants and historic buildings, which all serve their own unique cuisine.