Muscle Fit Dress Shirt

muscle fit dress shirt

Muscle fit dress shirt | Tailored Athlete is a style of men’s clothing designed to highlight a muscular physique. This is the ideal shirt for bodybuilders, crossfitters and other people who work out to build muscle.

A Muscle fit is tailored with extra room in the chest, biceps and shoulders, and tapered to a slim waist that contours to the shape of the athletic physique. The armholes are high to allow for the arms to fill out the sleeve without excess fabric bunching around them and a vertical back dart sewn in for a sharper fit.

The main benefit of a muscle fit is that it offers a physique complementing look, which is something you don’t get with regular or relaxed fitting shirts. However, there are some downsides to a muscle fit which should be taken into consideration before you purchase one.

Muscle Fit Dress Shirts: A Game-Changer for Athletic Men

Typical issues with a muscle fit include the dreaded “chest gape” – when chest buttons spread wide open unflatteringly and a sleeve seam that is too tight across the top of the arm. The sleeves should also be long enough to keep tucked in when worn for a professional environment, but not too long that it looks too bulky and restricts movement.

Most muscle fit shirts are made with a fabric that has some stretch to it, which helps with comfort when wearing a shirt. This can make the difference between a good fitting shirt and an uncomfortable one. BoohooMAN for example offers a range of muscle fit shirts that are both stylish and comfortable, which should be worth checking out if you’re looking for a new shirt.