How To Save Money On Landscaping

Is your hard-working yard looking a little rough around the edges? Is it overgrown with weeds and full of holes from last summer’s new plantings?

If you’re tired of spending money on home improvement projects that only get expensive mow jobs in return, then perhaps it’s time to think about landscaping.

In recent years people have been increasingly willing to shell out for the latest landscape design fad…but what if you want a low maintenance garden that doesn’t require a lot of upkeep or a huge investment in materials and labour?

Here are some ideas for landscaping that can save you money while still creating a beautiful garden:

1. Install Artificial Grass      

Installing artificial grass is one way to give your front or back yard an instant facelift without the expense of redoing the entire yard. Plus you’ll never have to worry about mowing, fertilizing or weed-whacking again.

2. Brick Walkways      

Brick walkways are one of the most popular methods for front entryways and larger patios that provide a place for guests to linger after arriving or while waiting on dinner to finish cooking.

If done without curves, brisk walks can be an easy install with few bricks needed…and many homeowners find it’s cheaper than natural stone paths made from flagstone or slate.

3. Plant Low Growing Shrubs      

Another way to add instant colour (especially in winter) is by planting low growing shrubs like Azaleas or Boxwoods along borders paved with pavers or on either side of the front walkway.

With little more than a good mulch and yearly deadheading (and some pruning), these low maintenance shrubs can be the perfect way to dress up your entryway and eliminate weeding and mowing chores.

4. Install Paving Stones

Another option for those who want instant gratification is by adding decorative paving stones, like flagstones or bluestones, as edging around flowerbeds, as borders for large patios and as stepping stones leading toward or away from the front door.

It’s a fairly simple process but does require some basic knowledge about how to install them properly so you don’t crack your new patio during winter freeze/thaw cycles.

5. Ponds and Waterfalls      

For the naturalist in you, why not add a small pond or waterfall to your backyard landscape design?

With the proper fencing and plants placed around it (carefully selected species of fish can keep down mosquito larvae), these water features are attractive while also serving as a habitat for birds, frogs and other wildlife.

You can even get koi or goldfish if you want to make it an attraction; chances are if you set up a crystal clear, shallow 10′ x 10′ area with rocks for them to hide under they’ll be more than happy to come over for dinner every night.

6. Add Paving Stones To The Border Of Your Lawn       

Still, think all this landscaping business is too expensive? Consider that by placing decorative pavers along the borders of your lawn (or even as edging for flower beds), you create an instant low-maintenance pathway that also adds beauty to your yard

Just be sure to use concrete if you’re placing them on grass so they don’t move or sink over time, causing unsightly gaps between the pavers themselves.  

Landscaping shouldn’t break the bank; by carefully planning out your design before building it you’ll save yourself money in materials and labour, not to mention frustration. However, there’s no reason why it can’t look fabulous too!

To learn more about landscaping options for any budget type “landscaping” into your favourite search engine you’ll be surprised by how many great ideas you can find!