How to Organize Your 14 Slot Golf Bag

Organizing your 14 slot golf bag can make a big difference to your game. It will help you find what you need quickly and easily. In addition, you can preserve your clubs.

What 14 clubs should be in my bag?

First, empty your bag. This includes removing tees, towels, and ball retrievers. You will need to shake the bag upside down to get all the tees out.

Next, place your driver in the back left corner of the bag. This should take about 60 minutes. Click here

After placing the driver, arrange the clubs by length. The long clubs should be at the top and the short clubs at the bottom. The 3-wood and 5-wood should go in the back slot and the putter should be near the top of the bag.

If you have a full set of clubs, arrange them in the top row. You can also double up the top driver row if you are using long irons or hybrids.

You should also keep your wedges at the top of the bag. You can also use the empty putter slot for other accessories, such as an umbrella or a swing weight trainer.

In addition, you should keep your tees tied with rubber bands. This can prevent old tees from falling out of the 14-slot partitions.

You should clean your bag before and after each use. This will keep your clubs clean and prevent damage. Golf bags are generally small and lightweight, but they are cluttered with pockets. They can also collect dust.