How to Get the Most Out of Your Athletic Polos

athletic polos

The polo shirt is an essential for any man who enjoys the outdoors. It’s breathable, lightweight, and can be worn in a wide range of temperatures. It’s also an easy way to add style to your wardrobe without making a huge commitment.

A good athletic polos can cost you $50+, but it’s well worth the investment if you’re looking for something that will fit and evince quality. Polos that are poorly fitted will sag and look schlumpy.

Make the most of your polo with these tips:

The best fitting polo should allow you to pinch (not pull) between one and two inches along either side of your midsection. This will help to highlight your midsection and frame.

The Rise of Athletic Polos: A New Trend in Sportswear and Casual Fashion

Layer your polo with other pieces of clothing for more versatility and a polished look. A button-up blazer will help to elevate your polo’s casual style, and a long-sleeve t-shirt can give it an office-friendly touch.

Wear a hoodie or pullover sweater under your polo for extra warmth and comfort. A zip-up hoodie will even work to make your polo appear more formal.

Choose a polo that’s made from cotton or polyester, which are both comfortable and breathable. These fabrics have excellent moisture-wicking properties and don’t hold heat so they’ll keep you cool when you’re working out.

Linen is another popular material for polo shirts, but it’s less smooth and absorbent than cotton. It also wrinkles more, which can be a turn-off for some.