Heating & Cooling Specialists

In the heating and air conditioning industry, technicians install and repair heating systems and air conditioners in homes, commercial buildings, malls, schools, airports, and other structures. They also provide insulation, duct cleaning, and other services. They must be able to lift heavy equipment, work inside a confined space, and perform installation and maintenance tasks on roofs. The job requires physical labor, but the pay is good and it’s a great profession to be in.

Is HVAC part of AC?

The average HVAC Technician salary is around $51,000 a year in the United States. In some areas, the median HVAC technician salary is even higher than that. Licensed technicians earn more than unlicensed ones, and they can be expected to receive benefits and bonuses.

Careers in the HVAC industry require technical training and a strong background in engineering, construction, and electrical work. In addition, HVAC technicians must pass a licensing exam. There are many different types of licenses for this field, and it’s important to know what is required in your area before applying.

Licensed technicians are usually more experienced than unlicensed professionals and should be able to handle the more complicated jobs that they may encounter. In addition, they have access to resources that unlicensed techs do not have, such as code books and AHRI’s regular updates on new refrigeration technology.

Having an HVAC license also protects you from lawsuits, since it ensures that you meet legal standards for the installation and maintenance of heating and cooling systems. You can check your state’s licensure requirements here.