A Defender Restored For the 21st Century


The defender restored is a classic that encapsulates everything that’s good about British cars. Its iconic design, rugged utility and unmatched off-road ability have all made it an integral part of history.

While the original Land Rover Defender isn’t making any more production runs, a new generation of defender restored – or restomod – vehicles are keeping the tradition alive, offering a wide range of options for modernising the boxy SUV and bringing it into the 21st century. These reborn Defenders have the modern tech and comforts that original owners could only dream of, while also staying true to their heritage in an unmistakably original form.

Restoration & Upgrades
Restoring your classic Defender is a job that requires the skill and dedication of dedicated professionals who are passionate about what they do. Does the shop you’re considering have staff with years of experience working on Defenders? Or is it a one-man show that spends most of its time looking for parts rather than fixing your vehicle?

Before and After: The Stunning Transformation of a Restored Defender

ECD Automotive Design, formerly East Coast Defender, may be the biggest name in American Land Rover restoration. Their bespoke build services transform a Defender into an overland-ready work of art, complete with custom touches that make your vehicle unique and unforgettable.

Himalaya focuses on restoring Defenders that align with the faithful restoration camp, but the firm also offers a more modern option to satisfy the demands of modern enthusiasts. They start with a Defender chassis and offer a variety of tweaks including disc brake upgrades, sound-mitigation packages and even a turbo kit to get the engine up to speed.